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Welcome to JUST YOUR PLUMMER ,  Electrical license # 797167  EXPERTS are also available in San Diego, where we hold a business Contractor license # 1003997 from the state of California & expert plumbers are here to give you the best over the phone estimate in San Diego. We specialize in removing and replacing household parts at quality work & prices that nobody can beat is also Available. We are ready to take your appointment 24/7 days a week. Most Holidays/Every Weekend are the same price as a basic day. As installers of sewer, water parts, and gas lines, much of our work involves bathroom plumbing. We can help you make your dreams bathroom a reality. Seniors and active military get $10.00 off the total bill on Sunday. Pay for quality when the job is done, not brand name. Our friendly and professional team can show you how to upgrade your plumbing fixtures to cut cost and protect the environment at the same time.   Call us at our   main office 1-800-524-6536   anytime, or at our   local office   ( 619 ) 862 - 0413. Our plumbers (Jason) & electrical (John)  experts are here to help you explore our website and to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you.



Water Heater without needed parts, delivery, & haul away:  $515.

Water Heater  with needed parts, delivery, & haul away:   $595.  // $1,050 for 75 Gallon

Water Heater  with delivery, haul away but no needed parts:  $550.

Tank-less Water Heater: $875. ( $300 more if need to move location )

Working under house fee: $200. { this fee is to be added to any work listed below}

Estimate Fee:  $60.  {will be used towards invoice if customer hires *Just Your PlumMer*

Cutting / Changing up to 10 feet of Cast Iron pipe:  $350.

Up to 10 feet long / 3 feet deep of digging:  $675.  ($975.  If there are roots)

Solder / Gas / Pex pipe  up  to 10 feet of copper pipe: $350.

Travel Fee / Shopping Fee: $40. { If need to buy items for customer}

Same Day Service Fee: $65

Toilet Install: $145 Add $15 per shut-off if need to change shut-off valve

Toilet Tank parts replacement: $ 125.

Kitchen Sink Faucet: $155.  Add $15. per shut-off if need to change shut-off valves

Kitchen Sink Package: ( Top mount only ) $ 225.  ($875- $1,050 for undermount)

Shower Parts: $155.  Unless we need to open the wall

Shower Manifold Install: $275.  {Only when wall is open} // $375 if need to open wall // does not included paint or texture

Slab Leak // Cut concrete:  $1,225.  (If under tile or other flooring, price will go up)

Drywall Repair/ per 8 X 4 ft piece: $180. (does not include texture or paint)

Bath Faucet 4”: $125   /  8” $175.  Add  $15 if need to change shut-off valves

Bath Sink Combo:  Add $75. 

Pressure Regulator Installation:  $275. plus copper and elbow, couplings, unions

Garbage Disposal Replacement: $155.

Handyman Work:  $80  for a non-skilled work / Min. 2 Hours

Electrical Fixture: $185 per  Fixture / or a Flat Rate

Drain Cleaning for Main Line with a clean-out: starting at  $175.  Add $55 for every fixture remove, Roof add $140. more.  *NO GUARANTEE ON DRAINS.

Kitchen or Bathroom drain clog: $125

Extra Charge of $140. If toilet is full of Feces

Laminate Floors w/ Baseboards: $7 - $11 Sq Foot  //  10 X 10 room  Average Price is $950.

Porcelain / Ceramic Tile Floors: $10 - $12 Sq Foot  //  10 X 10 room Average Price is $1,250.

VCT  Tile: $8 - $11 Sq Foot

Install new Tile / Hardie Backer in three shower wall: $1,300.

Demolition of  10 X 10 or smaller Bathroom  or  Kitchen: $2,500.

Install Fiberglass Bath-tub: $500.  ($950  if Cast Iron)

Install basic Tile floor in Shower: $1,000.

If you live  La Jolla,  Mira Mesa or further North  there will be a $35 Fee added to your bill

If you live El Cajon or further East, there will be a $35 Fee added to your bill

If you live in North San Diego the travel fee is: $65.



The biggest thing you can do to prevent a clogged drain is to pay attention to what's going into it. Liquid fats like cooking grease may appear to be fine, but the truth is that they can solidify after cooling, thus causing a blockage. In addition, adding a strainer to prevent materials like food, hair, and soap from entering the drain will have a positive effect. 

Chances are high that your heating element or thermostat has gone bad. If the water heater is a recent purchase, there could be an underlying problem causing the reset. The right solution is to call us - we'll investigate the problem and offer up a solution that will fix both the reset as well as the deeper issue.

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I happen to need a plummer today and called this company to help me out. They told me they won't get to my place by 1pm and surprisingly they were right. They got here 30 minutes before. It was definitely worth the wait! Steve was able to fix the problem and he was kind enough to help suck up the water that flooded from the toilet. Sounds nasty but hey, he has done pluming for many years and he got use to the whole plumbing thing with no gloves. I recommend this company because for a good price they do an excellent job.

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